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 P. Smallwood Commissions

Imagine owning an artwork that resonates with your personal story or embodies the ethos of your organization. At, we offer the exclusive opportunity to commission bespoke artworks by P. Smallwood, an acclaimed watercolor artist renowned for his emotive and culturally rich creations.

Why Commission an Artwork?

Commissioning an artwork presents a unique opportunity to collaborate with P. Smallwood in creating something truly personal and distinctive. Whether for your home, corporate space, or as part of your organization's art collection, a commissioned piece by P. Smallwood not only enhances your environment but also becomes a focal point of conversation and admiration.

The Consultation Experience

Scheduling a one-on-one consultation with P. Smallwood is your first step towards creating a personalized masterpiece. This session is a gateway to:

  • Understanding Artistic Process: Delve into the intricacies of P. Smallwood’s artistic journey. Learn about the inspiring stories and experiences that fuel his creativity and how these elements can be woven into your commissioned piece.

  • Exploring Personal Narratives: Discover how P. Smallwood captures the essence of personal narratives and cultural heritage in his art. This understanding will help tailor a piece that reflects your own stories or values.

  • Artistic Preferences Dialogue: Discuss your artistic tastes and preferences with P. Smallwood. This conversation is crucial in shaping a piece that not only aligns with your vision but also carries the distinct touch of P. Smallwood’s artistic style.

  • Value of Commissioned Art: Learn about the unique value and significance of owning a commissioned work of art. A commissioned piece is not just an artwork; it's a legacy that carries personal or organizational stories and values.

  • Art Investment Insights: Benefit from P. Smallwood’s extensive experience in the art world. Gain valuable insights into the world of art investment and understand how a commissioned piece can be a valuable addition to your collection.

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