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The P. Smallwood Art
Patron Program

Flexible Ownership Options

"Art Within Reach"

Own a P. Smallwood original with our tailored installment pricing, spreading the cost over 4 to 8 months*, making art acquisition both flexible and convenient for your budget

Seamless Acquisition Process

"From Studio to Your Space"

A seamless and extraordinary experience from selection to delivery, with each detail meticulously handled, culminating in the prompt and careful delivery of your commissioned piece upon payment plan completion.


Adaptable Investment

"Flexibility at Your Fingertips"

Tastes and preferences evolve; while payments are non-refundable, they are never lost, allowing you to reallocate your investment towards another artwork or commission at any time to ensure your collection remains in harmony with your evolving aesthetic and desires.

Transparent And Interest-free

"Clarity and Honesty in Every Transaction"

Free of hidden costs and interest, ensuring every penny you invest goes directly towards acquiring your magnificent new masterpiece.

Elevate Your Art Experience

"Join a Community of Art Aficionados"

Becoming a patron is a unique opportunity to connect with the art world, attend exclusive events, and experience the joy of owning a piece that means something to you.


*Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our detailed agreement for more information.

Interested in Becoming A Patron?

Please Tell Us a Little About Yourself

What genres of P. Smallwood's work are you interested in?
Previous Art Acquisitions
Are you interested in a commissioned work?
Is this for a Personal or Corporate Collection?
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