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Philip Smallwood
American Painter
b. 1957

P. Smallwood is a New Jersey-based watercolor artist renowned for the ultra-realistic nature of his paintings. Working exclusively on handmade watercolor paper, he brings a unique texture and depth to his creations. Inspired by light and influenced by his former profession as an artisan of fine furniture and architectural millwork, interior/exterior details are prominently featured in many of his captivating pieces, adding a unique dimension to his artistic vision.

Primarily known for his acclaimed works referred to as “Lifescapes” - portraying subjects within their natural environment, but with an emotive visual narrative - P. Smallwood powerfully connects the viewer and the subject, not with the casual glance of a stranger, but with the intimacy of a friend. 

Growing up in Roxbury, Massachusetts P. Smallwood learned the art and discipline of creating high-quality, handcrafted furniture, studying the craftsmanship of his father. In the early days of his artistic journey, he found inspiration in the southern genre. With many of his family members having migrated from Boston to the Carolinas and Florida, he naturally gravitated towards subjects that emerged from this rich cultural heritage. Through his art, he explores the stories and traditions that have shaped these regions, capturing their essence with authenticity and reverence.

For more than 25 years P. Smallwood has been blending imagination, reality, and social consciousness to transform ordinary scenes into enduring narratives that embrace real people living real, honest, imperfect and totally unrehearsed lives. Often referred to as the black Norman Rockwell, P. Smallwood acknowledges the strong influences in his work, paying homage to his late brother, Fredrick Smallwood Jr. and renowned artists such as Andrew Wyeth, Thomas Eakins, and John Singer Sargent. 

While producing about 10 -12 major works per year, P. Smallwood has many commissioned works in the private collections of prominent art enthusiasts, including corporate executives, celebrities and notable names in sports and entertainment. P. Smallwood has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim, earning over 200 juried awards throughout his career, exhibitions in esteemed artistic venues, honors from the nation's most prestigious watercolor societies, and numerous features in art publications around the world. 

P. Smallwood is represented by the Harmon-Meek Gallery.


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